My Nationals 2015 by Kieran Young

The optimist nationals 2015 was jam packed with new experiences. I was in the optimist junior main fleet and there were competitors from all over the globe including Malta, Hong Kong and many more. The first day was extremely windy and wet: as we were in Pwllheli,  North Wales. Wind and rain caused none of the fleets to go out on the water; the rain was preventing us to see the nearest headland.

After a non sailing day on Sunday, Monday was just as windy however there was no rain so we went sailing. It was a tough reach out to the course many people capsized who were bigger than me but I stayed up. Junior main were out further than the assumed more experienced senior main, which meant we had bigger waves: they were huge. After a tough first race I came 26th and didn’t capsize. As the day went on it was getting windier and waves got bigger at that point I felt like the waves were bigger than my mast! It was so exciting going down wind with huge waves to pump on. In the second race of the day I came 23rd I was very pleased with myself. In the 3rd race while I was going up wind my legs started aching and I got really tired I ended up with a result of 29th.

On Tuesday the wind got lighter and i would of thought that I would do better however I didn’t change my settings enough and did worse my results were 29,34 and a 31st. Wednesday was a lay day and my mum and dad decided to go down a copper mine. It took me a while to find a helmet which fitted my tiny head however eventually we found one. The mine was small, dark and wet and went all the way though one of the mountains of Snowdonia.

On Thursday the fleet was split in halve gold silver and I got into gold I was coming around 50th and there were 80 in the gold fleet. Thursday was a mix of results we did four races in light conditions and my boat was set up right this time! I got a 25, 41, 18 and 38th. These results moved me up to 47th so I was happy.

On the final day it was another day of mixed results in about 7 knots of wind I was fairly happy with results especially my 30th because it felt better than it did. The rest of my results were bad they were a 51st and a 42nd.

So the week at Pwheli was great big waves big wind and light wind no waves it was certainly a mixed wind conditions and a 10 year old boy from Malta won he was in the Euros team and was very talented. I ended up 44th overall.

Kieran Young

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