Optimist sailor and parents meeting Sunday 26th April

Hi All.

On Sunday 26th April we have our annual sailor and parents meeting.

This meeting is to inform those of you that are hoping to take part in the Sunday morning training of which the first block starts on Sunday 3rd May, on what is expected of the sailors and the parents.

We cannot run the Sunday morning training without help from parents, it doesn’t matter if you have no knowledge of sail or Optimists.

We joined the club in 2009 and WE were ALL non sailors I knew nothing whatso ever about Optimists and their strange rigs etc.

However still found myself out on the water helping the then coach parents. We now have coaches to help us on Sundays but we still require willing parents to go out on the water in ribs with the coaches just as an extra pair of eyes/hands only.

We will also need parents to help onshore usually on pontoon duty just to keep an eye on any returning sailors that haven’t been seen by their parents and to help the kids.

There are a few rules:

No children are allowed on the pontoons without a buoyancy aid, this includes non sailing children.

Parents are NOT PERMITTED to leave their children on Sunday mornings please remember its not a training course and Parents are responsible for their children for the entire morning

ALL boats should be insured household policies do Not usually cover the 2000000 liability cover that is required nor will they pay out for a boat that has been damaged by offending boat.

We require ALL boats to be checked for buoyancy and and mast clamps, sail ties, quick release main sheets.

Usually I am there to check these points on the parent meeting day. I am hoping to be there Both Adele and Kieran are sailing elsewhere on the weekend of 25/26 but i am still hoping to be there to help check you boats.

It is usually a busy morning, with up to 50 boats to check, so please be patient with us,

I will send more detail on times etc next week.

I will also try and send some links to rigging guides, please make sure ALL sail ties and present and tied.

We usually spend a lot of time re-rigging boats please bare in mind when we tie a sail on.

1 we do it at home.

2 it can take 20/30 minutes

I hope you can all make the meeting and look forward to seeing you and meeting new members.

best regards



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