Spinnaker Recieve Major Grant

A letter explaining the major grant Spinnaker has recieved:

Dear Member,
Many of you will have seen publicity that has been released by Sport England regarding a £50,000 grant that they have made to Spinnaker Club to assist with the renovation of the clubhouse. While we have known about this for a while we have been embargoed from making any general announcement until after the award was announced by Sport England. This has now taken place so let me try to explain what has happened.
When the UK bid for the 2012 Olympics it promised that if they were successful there would be a lasting legacy. This has since been classified as falling in three main areas, namely a heritage of:

  • elite facilities that can be used by future top quality athletes (eg the Olympic stadium, the Sailing Academy at Weymouth etc)
  • grass roots facilities that will generate an increased level of participation in sport
  • protected and improving playing fields

If you want to read more about the general aims of the scheme then look at: www.sportengland.org/about_us/places_people_play.aspx. The part of the scheme dealing with grass roots facilities has been divided into 5 phases spread between 2011 and 2013 with a £50,000 award being the maximum which is possible. Spinnaker Club applied for funding last autumn under the 1st phase and we heard just after Christmas that we had been successful.

You will remember that a while ago we circulated plans for renovating the clubhouse and sought views on the proposals. Subsequently we sought and gained planning permission for the changes. Our application to Sport England was for the larger part of this work and would involve a project worth £187,000. Of this £50,000 would come from Sport England, about £110,000 from Spinnaker Club reserves and a balancing £28,000 from loans.

The proposal is to demolish the walls between the two existing changing rooms and to renovate the enlarged space to provide 4 new showers, an enhanced water supply and a new heating system. This would then become the male or female changing room in the renovated building.

In addition, the plan is to create a second similar sized changing room with the same facilities, and to also add an enclosed training centre area which would enable training and club activities to take place without interfering with one another. The plan is to create all of this within the approved planning footprint and as much in line with our original proposals as is possible.

We are now working with a Sport England nominated contractor who will come back to us in April with detailed proposals on how they plan to deliver the project within the allocated budget. So confident is everyone that this will now happen that it was decided to go ahead with the high publicity cheque presentation by the local MP on Wednesday last.

We will send you further details as the project progresses but there now appears to be a realistic expectation that renovation of the clubhouse could start during 2012. We have also been encouraged by Sport England to make a second application to enable much better disabled facilities to be provided and we will be producing an application, along with Sailability, for the 3rd phase of awards which requires completed application forms to be submitted by the end of July.

In all of this Spinnaker Club has been amazingly lucky. The 1st phase of applications was massively oversubscribed and this is expected to happen again with each of the following phases.
However, nothing comes for nothing and there is a cost. The aim of the award is to increase sporting participation and we have had to commit to increasing the level of sailing activity by about 50% over 5 years, to start teaching canoeing and to find other sports organizations who will share the clubhouse on an occasional basis.
You will see details of the proposed canoeing activity later this year and our plans are to seek a cycling club that will use the clubhouse as the start point for their excursions.

I hope this explanation helps clarify what is happening and why you have not heard anything before now. Rest assured that we will let you have further details of developments as they progress. If you have any specific queries then please don’t hesitate to contact me or another member of the committee.

John Elliott
01722 711665


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