All of our RYA adult courses follow the syllabus described in the RYA Sailing Schemes. The instructors will focus on the skills set out in the particular level being taught. The student should be at the required starting level of ability for the level being undertaken. Courses are spread over several days to give the student opportunity to practice what they are taught. If the student can demonstrate the required skills consistently over time they will be awarded that level.

If applicable, certificates will be awarded free of charge. If you wish to purchase a log book to keep a record of your achievement, these may be purchased during your course.

While each course leads on from the previous stage/level it is essential that the students practice the skills they have learnt before progressing onto the next course.

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Should the course you are interested in be full, please email our reserve list. If we have enough interest we may be able to put on an extra course.

Generic Course Information

Please see page on Suggested Clothing

Please see the Spinnaker Club Training Terms & Conditions and note that non-member fees include temporary membership of Spinnaker Club for the duration of the programme being undertaken. Details of the temporary membership benefits are contained in the club membership matrix


RYA Start Sailing (Level 1)

This introductory course for adults aims at getting you started and giving you a basic understanding of how to make the boat go where you want it to. It covers how to sail in all directions, an awareness of launching and recovering, safety afloat, rigging and use of equipment. These courses will be taught in single handed dinghies as we feel you get more time steering your boat so progress faster. If you prefer to learn in a larger boat with an instructor on-board, please enquire at the office and we can arrange private tuition for you.
Course Times: 9:30-16:30

RYA Basic Skills (Level 2)

The follow up to Level 1, this course is slightly more advanced, looking at improving basic skills such as rigging, launching, sailing in all directions, capsize recovery and essential safety knowledge. By the end of the course you should be ready to take the boat out by yourself on the lake in moderate conditions. This course is ideal for those who have recently completed Level 1 or have some previous helming and crewing experience.
Course Times: 9:30-16:30

Ladies Sailing

Open to any ability, these sessions are focused around having fun, lots of laughing, trying different boats out and learning at your own pace before relaxing with tea and biscuits to chat about the session. Split into three groups, instructors are on hand to advise at all levels.
Beginners will be taught in groups of 3 in a larger boat with an instructor onboard. The cost reflects the lower ratio of instructor to student.
Intermediates will be in single handers covering a mix of topics from perfecting tacking and gyping, to roll tacking and sailing backwards.
Advanced group will be in crewed boats concentrating on topics such as spinnaker handling, seamanship skills and racing techniques.
This is a very popular course, and numbers are limited, so please book early for this one!
Thursday: 10:00-12:30

Club Sailing Evening (Non-Members)

Aimed at non-members with a minimum standard of Level 1 or Stage 2, who have done a course with us and wish to practice their newly learnt skills in a safe environment. No formal teaching just a chance to sail with instructors in attendance and available to give pointers and provide safety cover where required. This is an ideal opportunity to build your confidence following a course, safe in the knowledge that there is an expert there to lend a hand should it all go wrong, or if you want a little help with something you are struggling with and then be left to practice in a controlled environment. The emphasis will be on recreation, relaxation and fun rather than instruction.

Taster Kayak sessions

Open to juniors and adult alike, minimum age 8. Please book here.