Generic Course Information

Suggested clothing:                                                                  Suggested footwear:

Wetsuit/dry suit if you have one.                                                    Wetsuit boots
Warm trousers                                                                                    Old trainers are ideal if you don’t have wetsuit boots
Warm sweater                                                                                     Please no flip flops, crocs or open toed shoes/sandals
Waterproof trousers and top
Woolly hat/sun hat
Shorts and t-shirt
Change of clothes – other than the ones you will wear afloat
Sun glasses
Sun cream
Security strap for glasses/sun glasses

Please note that the Club does not provide wetsuits for use by students during courses.   Please bring suitable warm clothing to be on the water in the forecast weather conditions, please remember that it is often colder on the water than you may think.

Please see the Spinnaker Club Training Terms & Conditions and note that non-member fees include temporary membership of Spinnaker Club for the duration of the programme being undertaken. Details of the temporary membership benefits are contained in the club membership matrix