The Dorset Schools Sailing Championships took place in Poole Park on Friday 1st July 2016. S

Goldecondary schools from all across Dorset were represented with 130 sailors in total, sailing in Rockley Watersports Laser Pico’s. Conditions were te
sting as the wind strengthened during the day so that by the final there were gusts of over 20 knots and big shifts with Mattthe wind coming in from the South West.

Congratulations to Spinnaker sailor Matthew Laycock the overall winner. Matthew also accepted the prize for his school, Poole Grammar, the overall winning team.

Matthew said, “I was winning in the closing stages of the final race when a massive gust came through just as I gybed at the leeward mark. The tiller on the boat came loose and I capsized! But I was able to sort myself out and still win by a clear leg. I sailed in but then fell out of my boat! My Dad said some spectators thought I was doing a victory backflip!! – great fun.”

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