Happy Father’s Day!!
A big thank you goes out to the Social Committee for the inspired idea of a Father’s Day race (Dads vs Children) / water fight!!!

Armed with a variety of water launching devices, from buckets and bailers to what looked like semi-automatic, long range water pistols, more than 60 boats chaotically made it to the start line. Somehow, despite the bedlam of major water warfare, racing rules were maintained and Tim Wade, our hugely patient PRO for the day, got the race started.

The Opi fleet started the pursuit race first, with the children having a distinct advantage over those brave Dads who played fair (became sitting ducks) and raced in Oppie. We particularly loved the Dad sailing a delightful pink Opi and another so tall that his feet were dangling over the side!!! Many of the children, clearly understanding the benefit of speed, opted for a club boat, which they handled admirably, and took great pleasure in overtaking their Dad’s and giving them a good drenching.



Chloe and her team of instructors deserve a sense-of-humor award for coping with the Armada-like attacks on them. There wasn’t a dry boat or sailor left on the water as the first boats crossed the finish line, and everyone was rewarded with a fabulous cream tea and cakes. Thank you to Jackie and Penny for providing such a fantastic spread.




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