Q.  I am new to sailing; can I race at the Club?

A.  Yes of course.  Please read the pages in the year book on racing (pages 24-26) and check the calendar for race start times.  We also offer race training through the season; please check the training calendar for dates.  Most Club Race Officers will also gladly answer any queries you may have regarding racing.

Q.  Can I sail when Club racing is happening?

A.  The majority of the time the answer is yes, providing you keep clear of the course (please see the blackboard in the Club House for the course).  There are some events however, when general sailing is not allowed, such as big open or team racing events.  On these days you should check with the Race Officer to see if they object to you sailing.

Q.  I can’t do my duty date, what do I do?

A. The duty system offers you the option to swap a duty if you are unable to do a duty. There have been many swaps completed all ready which should give you an opportunity to find another suitable date.  The quick guide to using dutyMan is available from the club website https://spinnakerclub.co.uk/duty-manager/

Q.  Should my boat go over the centre of the red/yellow tag or to one side of it?

A.  We have recently retagged all the boat spaces with the intention that the tag should lie under the centre of your boat.

Q.  How long will I be at the Club doing my duty?

A.  This does depend on the type of duty and the type of event happening that day.  Where possible we can be flexible on times, however with only 1 or 2 duties per year we hope that the time spent at the Club is not an unreasonable request of your time.

Q.  How do I hire a Club boat?

A.  The boat hire folder can be found in the Club House under the bell.  Please complete this and put your hire money in one of the brown envelopes found on the bench near the folder.  Please post this through the letter box by the office door.

Q.  Can I invite friends to the Club?

A.  Yes, providing that not more than three guests are introduced in any one day and that the same guest may not be introduced more than six times in any calendar year.  The Visitors Book should be completed for each guest.  This book can be found on the bench in the Club House.

Q.  Can I leave my children at the Club whilst I run some errands?

A.  Only if they are over 16 years old.  All under 16 year olds must be supervised by a Full Adult Member at all times whilst on the Club premises.  (The only exception is whilst they are taking part in one of our paid training courses when the Club will take responsibility between the published start and finish times.)

Q.  I’d like to get more involved with the Club but don’t know how?

A.  Please speak to any of the Main or Sailing Committee Members or any of the staff who will be more than happy to assist.

Q.  How do I know what is going on at the Club?

A.  The Club Calendars on our website hold the most up to date information on what is happening and when.

Q.  I don’t seem to receive your Club emails?

A.  Please ensure the Club email addresses are in your “safe” list of contacts.


Q.  If I sell my boat, can I pass the boat space on with it?

A.  No.  Should you no longer require a boat space, please inform the Club Administrator who can advise if a refund is due.  If the new owner of your dinghy requires a boat space, they should apply to the Club Administrator who will allocate a space accordingly (although this will depend on any waiting list).

Q.  When do I have to pay my membership?

A.  All new Members are required to pay for membership before they can attend the Club.  Existing Club Members will receive their renewal pack during January (membership runs January to December).  Payment should be made before the end of February to avoid having to pay a late payment penalty.

Q.  How do I book a sailing course or private lesson?

A.  Please contact the office with the dates of the course you are interested in, or if you would like a private lesson some dates which are convenient to you.  We will endeavour to book you in for your first choice, please note though that full payment is required at the time of booking.