Spinnaker run a variety of races for club members and visitors alike including :

     – Sunday Racing: Open to all boat types and all eligible club members
     – One Day Events: Open to all boat types and all eligible club members
     – Wednesday Evening Racing: Open to all boat types and all eligible club members
     – Open Events: Open to members and visitors alike. See the relevant Notice of Race for boat eligibility. Details on open meeting page.

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Racing Program – 2019 Dates

2019 Wednesday Night Racing 
2019 Weekend Racing (Amended)

Imminent Duties

Racing Rules

Racing at Spinnaker is designed to allow all sailors to have a fair chance, and to learn the rules and tactics of racing in a fun and friendly environment. We do however, as a self-policing sport encourage all sailors to abide by the rules of our sport. A full set of rules can be found and downloaded from here, but for those who haven’t the time or inclination we have permission to share a basic guide to the rules written by John Doerr.

Sunday Racing

Sunday racing provides the majority of the club racing available to club members. It runs from January and continues until mid December. There are several different series throughout the year, and the dates of these are detailed in the club calendars and racing program. For each series, you only need approximately 50% attendance to qualify.

If the prevailing wind is from the South West (or the North East) the club line may be used from the start hut, but in all other wind directions the committee boat should be used. Courses will be posted on a noticeboard in the Club House and may repeated on the boards on the race hut veranda. Races will run for approximately 45 minutes for the leading boat, and results calculated via the PY handicap classification.

One Day Events

These follow the same race format as normal Sunday racing, but the series will be complete in a single day. Events are detailed on the club calendars and racing program. These include:

  • Greyfriars Cup.
  • Summer Solstice Pursuit Races.
  • Summer Fair.
  • RNLI Pennant.
  • Club Championships.

Wednesday Racing

Wednesday racing runs from April through to September and has two components. There is normally a race at 1745 which follows the same format as the Sunday handicap racing, and a Pursuit race with a nominal start time of 1900. Details on the format of the pursuit race can be found here, and the Wednesday racing program can be found here. The evening finishes off in the Club House with supper where you will find a selection of fine “dishes of the day” plus economical snack meals. The bar will be open serving canned beers and lagers, with wine also available by the glass or bottle.

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