Wednesday Fun and Food!

Wednesday Summer Evenings are the perfect place for those getting to know the club or less serious about their sailing to enjoy a great evening. Every week the Club runs a pursuit race, where the least experienced sailor should still have a chance of winning, and rules are seen as something to learn constructively rather than things that are rudely shouted at you by wizened sea-dogs.
Everyone finishes at 20:00 (8pm), after which Jackie has her usual tasty offerings available from the Galley to enjoy in convivial company.

How does it work?

In a pursuit race, boats of different speeds start at different times based on their RYA Handicap rating. All boats are finished at the same time and the boat that is in front at that time is the winner. If the handicapping is done right, every boat would be at the same place at the finish time but vagaries of wind, tactics, personal performance etc. means the boats are usually well spread out.

At Spinnaker, our Wednesday Night Pursuit has an added element – each helm is also started according to their own personal handicap within their class. Each class of boat has an easily calculated start time using the boat’s PY number and the desired finish time. This is the “A” start time for that class. A good sailor will be asked to start at this time. Helms with progressively less experience will be assigned the “B”, “C”, “D” etc, earlier start times.  Any helm swapping between classes should keep their rating designation for their new class, but overall results will be calculated only on their results from one boat. It is vitally important that everyone knows their start time before setting off. If in doubt refer to the Race Officer who will discuss your likely performance and award a start time accordingly.

The start times for 2019 can be found below.

Pursuit Start Times 2019

With up to 60 boats sailing the course at the finish gun, it is an impossible task for the Race Officers to log every position. For this reason it is important for each helm to note the boat in front and the boat behind and to sign off with this information in the Club House at the end.

Pursuit Race Series

The Wednesday Pursuit is split into two series roughly either side of mid-summer’s day. The first series is for the Holman Bowl and the second is for the Summer Cup rounding off with a one off race for the Alice Lisle Mug.
Additionally, there is a handicap series race at 5.45 that precedes the pursuit, if you feel like a warm-up first.

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