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Home / Sailwave Results / 2020 Results / PROVISIONAL SERIES RESULTS Late Autumn handicap
Home / Sailwave Results / 2020 Results / PROVISIONAL SERIES RESULTS Late Autumn handicap


Late Autumn handicap 2020

Spinnaker Sailing Club

Results are provisional as of 16:40 on October 19, 2020


Sailed: 6, Discards: 2, To count: 4, Rating system: PY, Entries: 35, Scoring system: Appendix A

ClassSailNoHelmNameCrewNamePYRace 1
Race 2
race 3
Race 4
Race 5
Race 6
LASER RADIAL196727Keith McQuillin 11473. DNC)(36.0 DNC)86.014.0
SOLO5631Les Radford 11424.0 OOD4.0 OOD(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)
SOLO5327Dick Meredith 1142(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)
LASER173312Andy Musselwhite 11005. DNC)(36.0 DNC)92.020.0
SOLO5713Duncan Peace 11424. DNC)(36.0 DNC)93.021.0
FIREFLY and solo3491Paul Gray 1143 and 1142(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)
LASER RADIAL and Firefly182478 and 3895Rob Marshall 1147 and 11729.0(10.0)8.7 OOD8.7 OOD(36.0 DNC)7.079.433.4
RS AERO91120Jae Jones 10338.5 OOD8.5 OOD13.04.0(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)106.034.0
SOLO5581John Driscoll 11428. DNC)(36.0 DNC)106.034.0
SOLO5838Michael Wilde 1142(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)
LASER RADIAL157517Thomas Musselwhite 11477. DNC)(36.0 DNC)109.037.0
LASER190847Phil Hargreaves 110010. DNC)(36.0 DNC)115.043.0
LASER 4.7177924Gabby Burns 1208(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)
SOLO3254Dave Swordy 114213.0(36.0 DNC)(16.0)15.014.7 OOD14.7 OOD109.457.4
RS Vision Annajessica113714. DNC)(36.0 DNC)132.060.0
SOLO4949Rick Taylor 1142(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC36.0 DNC1.01.0146.074.0
SOLO5291Ed Rogers 1142(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC) DNC36.0 DNC147.075.0
RS AERO72673Jonathan Burns 1082(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC) DNC36.0 DNC148.076.0
LASER204005Matt Reid 11001.03.0(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC36.0 DNC148.076.0
LASER54512Nigel Wakefield 11002.02.0(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC36.0 DNC148.076.0
FIREFLY3784Tom Clay 1143(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC36.0 DNC3.05.0152.080.0
LASER 4.7177912Ian Hickman 12086.04.0(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC36.0 DNC154.082.0
BYTE3298Duncan Glen 1138(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC) DNC36.0 DNC163.091.0
RS 2001430Chris LynamAbi104612.012.0(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC36.0 DNC168.096.0
LASER54537Stu Wiles 110011.014.0 RET(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC36.0 DNC169.097.0
SOLO4400Nick Robinson 114215.0 OOD14.0 OOD(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC36.0 DNC173.0101.0
MIRROR32228Adrian lucas 1380(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)22.036.0 DNC10.0 RET36.0 DNC176.0104.0
rs qba996jason Wright 1260(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC) DNC36.0 DNC182.0110.0
SOLO4356Ian Matthews 1142(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)3.036.0 DNC36.0 DNC36.0 DNC183.0111.0
FIREFLY3895Neil MarshallRobert Marshall1172(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)36.0 DNC36.0 DNC7.036.0 DNC187.0115.0
SOLO5100Keith Smith 1142(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)25.0 RET19.0 RET36.0 DNC36.0 DNC188.0116.0
LASER188199Paul Harris 1100(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)14.036.0 DNC36.0 DNC36.0 DNC194.0122.0
BYTE3605Vi Turnbull 1135(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)18.036.0 DNC36.0 DNC36.0 DNC198.0126.0
xenon4801Bob HockhamRoy Price1079(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)20.036.0 DNC36.0 DNC36.0 DNC200.0128.0
SOLO5896Dave Nixon 1142(36.0 DNC)(36.0 DNC)25.0 RET36.0 DNC36.0 DNC36.0 DNC205.0133.0

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Last updated 11:07 on 30 October 2020

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