Read any book on improving your sailing and it will put as much emphasis on tuning and boat preparation as on practice . This includes ensuring you know how to set up your boat for sailing in all conditions, as well as knowing how to sail fast in all of those conditions. Although this is something that takes time to learn, we look to provide you with a few tips and tricks for tuning your boat. Always remember though, that nothing is a short cut for time on the water! The tuning guides shown here are collected from what is available online, and what has been sent to us by current or previous members of the Spinnaker Optimist Fleet. We simply are trying to collect these into one space… If you have any information you think is worth sharing than please contact me at

We also include here a few guides for sailing and training (these have all been provided by current or previous members of the Spinnaker Optimist Fleet). These represent a small amount of the available writing on these subjects: many, many more books are available (either from the RYA through the club) or at good book stores!