All of our RYA youth courses follow the syllabus described in the RYA Youth Sailing Schemes. These are outlined below. The instructors will focus only the skills set out in that particular stage and will expect the student to be at the required starting level of ability for that stage. Courses are spread over several days to give the student opportunity to practice what they are taught. If the student can demonstrate the required skills consistently over time they will be awarded that stage.

If applicable, certificates will be awarded free of charge. If you wish to purchase a log book to keep a record of your achievement, these may be purchased during your course.

While each course leads on from the previous stage/level it is essential that the students practice their skills they have learnt before progressing onto the next course so that their confidence is maintained

Youth courses are for ages 8 to 16 years old, and if they are on any full day between Monday and Friday will include a healthy packed lunch. A selection of sandwich fillings will be available which we will ask you to pre-order.

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Should the course you are interested in be full, please email our reserve list. If we have enough interest we may be able to put on an extra course.

Generic Course Information

Please see page on Suggested Clothing

Please see the Spinnaker Club Training Terms & Conditions and note that non-member fees include temporary membership of Spinnaker Club for the duration of the programme being undertaken. Details of the temporary membership benefits are contained in the club membership matrix

RYA Stage 1

This is a safe and fun filled introduction to sailing in small boats. The course follows the RYA Stage 1 syllabus and will teach you how to rig, launch and sail your dinghy wherever you want to go with plenty of fun and games thrown in! An introduction to sailing to enable the complete novice to handle a dinghy safely and successfully in light winds and under supervision.
Easter Courses: 9:30-15:30
Summer Courses: 9:30-16:30

RYA Stage 2

This is a follow on course from Stage 1 with the emphasis still on fun. Using games and structured sessions the instructors will guide and encourage you to practice skills and learn new techniques, whilst building confidence and an awareness of safety. For students who already have some basic knowledge, a chance to gain confidence afloat as well as putting theory into practice.
Easter Courses: 9:30-15:30
Summer Courses: 9:30-16:30

Combined RYA Stage 1 and 2

This course is for the total beginner or those that have limited experience, starting off learning how to rig the boat, steer and turn around whilst having lots of fun! Once you have mastered the basics in Stage 1 you will then move onto becoming independent sailors working towards your Stage 2.
Easter Courses: 9:30-15:30
Summer Courses: 9:30-16:30

RYA Stage 3

Now that you have mastered the basics we are looking at sailing confidently by yourself in a safe and efficient manner. By the end of the Stage 3 course you will be safety conscious and be able to sail a dinghy confidently in light winds. Captain of your own dinghy you will practice sailing backwards, forwards, upwind, downwind, tacking and gybing to your hearts delight.
Easter Courses: 9:30-15:30
Summer Courses: 9:30-16:30

RYA Stage 4

Stage 4 is all about practicing the skills learnt on Stage 3 until they become second nature. This course also looks at sailing double handed boats and being an effective crew and helm team in preparation for moving on to one of the 5 modules in the RYA national sailing scheme.
Easter Courses: 9:30-15:30
Summer Courses: 9:30-16:30

Multi Activity

Action packed days are spent mainly messing about on or by the water with sailing boats, kayaks, barrels, planks of wood, fishing nets, maps, balls, sheets, tubes, buckets and your imagination. The possibilities are endless! With the emphasis on fun rather than learning, you will get wet!
Summer Courses: 9:30-16:30

Speedy Pirates

A series of 6 after school sessions designed to get you racing. These sessions are designed to introduce racing in a fun, relaxed way with lots of laughing and games, getting to grips with starting procedure and how to get round a course confidently. Speedy Pirates is open to students who have achieved RYA Stage 1 and above.
Thursdays: 16:30-18:30

RYA Onboard

A series of 6 weak after school session aimed at beginners. These sessions are designed to get new sailors out on the water and introduce them to sailing and the skills to start their adventures. Each session will be structured to maximise the amount of fun on the water while learning new skills.
Tuesdays: 16:30-18:30

Learn to Race

Learn the skills of racing with Spinnaker and become the best. This course will look at different aspects of racing such as starting, boat handling, rules, flags and sound signals, mark rounding and finishing whilst having lots of fun! The minimum standard required for this course is RYA Stage 3.

Club Sail Evening (Non-Members)

Aimed at Non-Members with a minimum standard of Level 1 or Stage 2, who have done a course with us and wish to practice their newly learnt skills in a safe environment. No formal teaching just a chance to sail with instructors in attendance and available to give pointers and provide safety cover where required. This is an ideal opportunity to build your confidence following a course, safe in the knowledge that there is an expert there to lend a hand should it all go wrong, or if you want a little help with something you are struggling with and then be left to practice in a controlled environment. The emphasis will be on recreation, relaxation and fun rather than instruction.

Taster Kayak Sessions

Open to juniors and adult alike, minimum age 8. Please book here.